COAN - Pioneers of British Biltong


COAN Beef Biltong and Jerky is renowned for its great quality and taste.

Our Biltong & Jerky is made using the finest quality Beef and Venison Steaks. All are marinated with COAN’s distinctive blend of spices, air dried, then sliced and packaged in a protective atmosphere, assuring the superb taste and consistency associated with COAN.


COAN is the brainchild of two friends - Colin and Andy.

They had the idea of making their own brand and created the original recipe in their kitchen 20 years ago.

Biltong was relatively unknown 20 years ago, although it was hugely popular in South Africa, but Colin and Andy loved the fact that it was high in protein and was a pretty healthy snack to have with a pint or two!

They started to sell into farm shops and pubs and the popularity grew. 

COAN Biltong and Jerky is now sold in over 3500 outlets in the UK alone.

Colin and Andy still run the business from a farm in the Surrey countryside.

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